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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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      技術達爾/Technology Daer

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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


      Hot Line:

      86 20 82557380

      TEL : +86 20 82557383
      FAX : +86 20 82557382
      E-mail : service@daer-novel.com
      Service Q Q : 2056152496
      Address:No. 15, Nanxiang 3Rd., Sci. City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

      Daer Advantage

      ? Daer full use of scientific research and technology is strong, well-equipped laboratory advantage, the technology sector from beginning to end are involved in all aspects of product sales and after-sales. So that products can be more fit the customer’s application needs, at the same time to meet customer feedback to adapt to adjust the product, so as to better play the product performance for customers to obtain good economic and social benefits.